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Do you know what the scariest thing in the world is?

Telling the world what we really want out of life. Like do real. Like, that thing that you are sometimes even a little nervous to admit to yourself.

Why is that? Why is expressing that (even to ourselves) so difficult?

I think it’s because admitting that, expressing that, makes you EXTREMELY vulnerable. And that can be just about the scariest thing you ever do.

It opens you up to judgment.

“You want to do WHAT?” .
“She/he could never do that.”

“Why don’t they just get real?”

“I just don’t get it…”

And it also opens you up to self-doubt…

“Who am I to even think I could do this?”

“The road is just too long.”

“What if I fail and don’t make it and then I have to go around answering everyone’s questions about how it’s going?”

“Am I TRULY committed to the work it’s going to take to make that dream a reality?”

Here’s the truth. No one cares! And if you fail you’ll pick yourself up and try the next thing.

Embrace that doubt. Be aware of that voice in your head. Then ignore it and move ahead chasing your dreams.

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