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People always ask me “aren’t you worried about someone taking all of the information you’re providing and stealing your business?”

I always answer them with two things.

Thing number 1 – I’m giving out this information HOPING that people will use it. That’s the point of this quote. If live a life of abundance there’s plenty of opportunity out there for everyone.

And let me tell you, by the way, living life like this is WAY more fun and fulfilling than always worrying about someone stealing your shit.

Then we have thing #2 – I know that 99% of you are going to read this post, listen to what I’m teaching about how to get what you want out of your business and life and do NOTHING with it.

And, those of you that do go do something, to beat me, are going to have to actually beat me, and I don’t think you can do that (and no, this is not contradictory to what I just said – this is competition not fear – competition is healthy when approached from abundance).

Instead of trying to tear down that co-worker, one up your friends, or worry about someone stealing your stuff and/or take advantage of you, start giving, start helping, start opening up.

Your world will change for the better.


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My Unconventional Philosophy:

– old school business
– modern day marketing
– antifragile mindset

My Unconventional Core Elements

– Mindset
– Leads
– Sales
– Systems
– Scarcity

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