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About The Unconventional Attorney

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From day one of being a lawyer I always wondered why things were done certain ways and questioned the status quo.

“Why don’t people advertise?”

“Why don’t people explain how they do the things they do?”

“Why don’t people create their business so they don’t have to work crazy hours, always put out fires, and NEVER return client phone calls?”

“Why bill by the hour?”

And in many cases instead of just wondering I broke with tradition and started doing something else. I created a law firm that has happy clients, where everyone works regular hours, and that makes a good profit. I don’t have to do any marketing activity that doesn’t suit me (all marketing activity WILL work, by they way) and potential clients keep lining up for help day after day after day.

The result is that I’ve become a bit of a pioneer in the industry, particularly with regard to implementing old school business practices with modern media platforms. I love this stuff so I dive in, I learn it, I implement it in my own firm, and then I teach it. It’s the ultimate life for me.

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