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What do you do when the world isn’t coming to your door?

When you’ve got literally no clients coming in?

Whether you are just starting out and find yourself in this position or you’ve been in business for a while and are just in a real slump, there are solutions.


The last thing you want to do is go running around like a crazy person trying all sorts of new stuff.

It won’t work.

And then you’re going to be left even broker wondering why no one is coming to see you.

You’ve got to stay committed to the plan and keep putting in the work.


I know you don’t care about this, but you should.

You should be incorporating a content and branding strategy to set you and your business up as THE go to person in your area.

If you want some help on that check out Unconventional Branding at


If you need clients now and you have a small budget there are a couple of things you can do.

First, network your ass off.

Coffee after coffee after coffee with anyone you think might remotely be able to send you business.

Second, google ads.

It’s not sexy, but its very effective.

And third, direct mail.

There’s a reason you keep getting junk mail in your box every week – it works.

Okay, that’s it… give em a shot.

And remember, you will get through this. People will come. And you will WIN.


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My Unconventional Philosophy:

– old school business
– modern day marketing
– antifragile mindset

My Unconventional Core Elements

– Mindset
– Leads
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– Scarcity

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