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In talking to many many law firm owners, and looking back on my own actions, it becomes clear pretty quick that we, as humans, hate to be uncomfortable.

The problem with that state of mind and instinct, though, is that it prevents us from getting where we want to go.

For example, take Fred (fake name). Fred is a Syndicate member and we were talking the other day about his business.

I was telling him that he should start creating some content to build brand and get new clients. That the best way for him to grow his business was to do the uncomfortable thing, over and over and over again.

My response above was ignited by his tossing out the idea of opening a satellite office in another city to handle any referrals that would come his way in said city.

Running toward the comfortable (organizing new office, referrals, etc.) instead of running toward the uncomfortable (putting your content out there and helping people find it).

The solution to this problem is to literally just start doing uncomfortable things. The more you do them, the less uncomfortable they get, and the more you grow.

That’s it. Now start running toward the uncomfortable!


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