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Christopher Small

I am a serial entrepreneur, owning interests in two law firms, a business consulting company, and a painting company, and I LOVE talking about and helping people take their businesses from struggling to successful by breaking from tradition at every opportunity. I’m known in many circles as “the idea guy” and have a knack for both understanding complex business concepts and breaking down those concepts into understandable, digestible pieces. I promise to leave your audience entertained, motivated, and begging for more.

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Three Pillars of Business Success

There are three pillars to business success, and if you get these right everything else will fall into place: (1) old school business; (2) modern day marketing; and (3) antifragile mindset.

Unconventional Branding

Today there is an opportunity that may never present itself again. We have the ability to put ourselves in front of our ideal clients, create a strong, legitimate relationship with them, actually help them, AND become a household name, for pennies on the dollar. All you need is your phone, helpful information, and the unconventional game plan

Unconventional Networking

I hate networking. I rarely do it. Yet I get new clients via network referrals all the time. The key is turning networking on its head, networking unconventionally, to have referral partners excited to send you business.