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I thought it would be fun to just dive in and give you some real nuts and bolts strategy for building your law firm today.

So we’re going to talk about my five-step process to get more clients right now (and, by the way, into the future, FOREVER).

The process is quite simple. Here it is:

1. Create content consistently.

2. Distribute that content consistently to facebook/youtube/podcast/website.

3. Advertise that content to increase reach and increase impressions.

4. When you have advertising metrics, keep the good content and throw out the bad content.

5. Rinse and repeat FOREVER.

To get the full scoop (and trust me, you want the full scoop) watch the video).

At the end of the day, starting a law firm is not difficult. It’s simple, but it’s not easy.

You follow that formula, though, and clients will come.



ARE YOU A LAW FIRM OWNER? Me too. I work 25 hours a week and make multiple six figures. I don’t have any headaches. No fires. No grumpy clients. Work is FUN.

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My Unconventional Philosophy:

– old school business
– modern day marketing
– antifragile mindset

My Unconventional Core Elements

– Mindset
– Leads
– Sales
– Systems
– Scarcity


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