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When I talk to law firm owners about their business there is a constant back and forth between meeting the needs of right now versus meeting the needs of the long-term.

Today I wanted to talk a little bit about both, and how having a unified, intentional strategy can kill both birds with one stone.

To further define what I’m talking about, the marathon of law firm ownership is that idea of building a powerhouse brand, rock solid systems, tested and verified advertising channels, and an amazing team.

Of course, this all takes time. And if it takes too much time when you are starting your law firm, or you just fail to account for the needs that are right in front of you, it can end in disaster.

Which is why you also have to account for the sprint, or your short term, immediate needs (think food and shelter…)

When it comes to the marathon (I’m talking about this first because I know you all want to know how to get law firm clients fast!) we’re really talking about branding.

Branding, for me, is all about consistent content creation PLUS distribution with advertising dollars (something i call Unconventional Branding – I’ve got a class on it…).

What this means is creating a lot of content over a long period of time and pushing it out to the world via all of the free platforms (Facebook, YouTube, iTunes, LinkedIn, Instagram) and all of the paid platforms (all of those same platforms).

Over time, and with the right strategy in place (the unconventional branding strategy), in 6 months to a year you are THE market for your industry).

The sprint uses all of the traditional marketing and advertising things people talk about all the time to get new law firm clients in the door. Law firm networking, google ads for law firms, direct mail for law firms, etc.

These will get you clients right now but don’t provide the long-term security of having it all cloaked in brand (translation – you will ALWAYS be doing the short term and long term stuff forever – it’s just that over time the return on your spend will get better and better).

As you go through your journey as a law firm owner, remember the marathon and the sprint. You need both to get you where you want to go!


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