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I remember a time in my law firm life that I needed to clients NOW. I was just starting out. It was a new practice area. I had no leads, and I needed some cash.

In that scenario I started doing these three things over and over and over again… and guess what? Clients came.

Here are three ways to get law firm clients fast.

1. NETWORKING (my way)

I don’t network like normal law firm owners.

I don’t promise referrals to my network partners. In fact, I do the opposite, explaining that it’s very difficult for me to refer business to them (financial planners in particular).

I have coffees with as many people as I can, knowing that most won’t be a good fit, looking for the few that will be a good fit.

I want to know three things when I sit down with a potential network partner. First, what are they doing to generate new business? Second, what are their long term goals? Third, what are they interested in?

If those three things mesh with what I’m looking for then I take the relationship farther.

And, often, the result of at least one or two of those meetings is an instant referral (“I’ve got a client that does needs that…”).


When people need a lawyer they look to google. By paying just a little bit of money you can get right in front of them right away.

The reason you have to pay is those people searching are hiring.

You invest in getting in front of people and you get a return when people sign up.

This is in lieu of SEO, which is a long-term play.

[NOTE: I would not outsource this. Take a few minutes to figure it out on your own so you don’t get scammed by someone.]


If you need to get business write an email teaching people a little something in line with what you do and offer to talk to anyone that needs help.

Then, in a couple days, do it again.

You’ll almost always catch someone who was just thinking about doing that thing – client!


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My Unconventional Philosophy:

– old school business
– modern day marketing
– antifragile mindset

My Unconventional Core Elements

– Mindset
– Leads
– Sales
– Systems
– Scarcity


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