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I watched an episode of million dollar listing new york the other day and Luis was back from his worldwide tour.

He was in a meeting with a client when the client stopped dead in her tracks and said “Luis, I saw your instagram post… how are you doing?”

In that moment Luis looked shocked. He didn’t know what to do.

Little did he know that moment was about to turn into something very special.

And that’s what this episode is all about – vulnerability as a tool to make stronger connections with your potential clients, your staff, your family, and everyone else.

If you have been holding back, it’s time to change. Show people who you are. Show people why you care. Business, and life, will never be better.


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My Unconventional Philosophy:

– old school business
– modern day marketing
– antifragile mindset

My Unconventional Core Elements

– Mindset
– Leads
– Sales
– Systems
– Scarcity


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